Last November, the Government of the Province of South Kalimantan through the Governor of South Kalimantan, H. Sahbirin Noor carried out their 7th routine agenda "Moving Crossingthrough the 7th Down to to Remote Villages with the FORKOPIMDA". This agenda has a background to know more about the situation of remote areas and rarely touched visited the by attention of the Provincial and City / Regency Governments. Uncle Birin intervened directly rodeon the road using an offroad / trail motorbike and with a group from PT Arutmin Indonesia and the local government for 3 Days 3 Nights. A total of 12 villages were passed and there were 7 villages visited by Uncle Birin and his team., Tthere were welcoming activities carried heldout by the village management or chairman who were pleased with this activity as so that the government could evaluate and develop the infrastructure of villages. Arutmin who that participated in this activity also supported the government's performance to go directly to villages to listen to the aspirations of its citizens. It is hoped that this activity can meet and answer the questions and aspirations of remote communities to the government to get special attention and be able to immediately realize make the community aspirations to come into realizationthat have been received from the community