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Caring for Health Workers, Arutmin Once Again Distributes Complete PPE

4 Juni 2020

Source: SHEC Arutmin

BANJARBARU - Covid-19 Pandemic is still not over. Even lately, positive patients are getting infected. Practically, Health Workers (Nakes) were increasingly overwhelmed. Especially with limited facilities that are still not sufficient.

This is also a concern for PT Arutmin Indonesia (Arutmin) to continuously provide support to health workers as the Front Guard in handling Covid-19.

Arutmin through the Banjarbaru Branch Office again distributed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) packages to Hospitals and Health Centers in three Regencies and Cities (Banjar, Tanah Laut, Banjarbaru and Banjarmasin) through the Health Office and Covid-19 Task Force.

Arutmin distributed 21 complete PPE sets containing 2951 gloves, 100 goggles (96), 96 Hazmat Suit, 98 shoe covers and 7000 medical masks.

This assistance is the second time that Arutmin has distributed through the Banjarbaru Branch Office.

Earlier in April, Arutmin also distributed hundreds of complete PPE packages and thousands of masks.

This assistance was welcomed by Hamli Kursani as Regional Secretary of Banjarmasin City. He thanked Arutmin for giving PPE to medical staff. Because the PPE is the most important thing to support the struggle of health workers in handling Covid-19

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