After Tthe Arutmin 10K activityies in the city of Banjarmasin, which left an extraordinary experience for national runners throughout Indonesia finished. The activity carried out on 3 November, 2018 was truly a competitive event involving a period of up to 3200 participants from inside and outside the area with as many as 5 attractive categories, namely: General Men, General Women, Male Students, Princess Female Students and U-50 Masters Up. believed to be the main attraction. This activity was also attended by the number one person in South Kalimantan, Mr. Sahbirin Noor or better known as Uncle Birin. Uncle Birin became one of the honored guests who raised the start flag for runners in the category of Men General, Male Students and U-50 Masters Up.

Less than one hour, exactly 34 minutes after the start flag was raised, by Yahuza, a runners from Bangka Belitung incised recordedthe achievement of becoming the first winner in the General Men category then followed by Jupianto Sembiring from Medan and Erwin in third place from DKI Jakarta. Then for General Putri Female with the acquisition ofrecorded 42 minutes, achieved it was won by Anjasari Dewi from Bandung then Wisti Indah in the second place which also came from Bandung and third place was Nila Septiani from Balikpapan. In the category of male students with the acquisition of 38 minutes won by Muhammad Asari, a resident of Teluk Dalam Banjarmasin won the first place with recorded time of 38 minutes, then followed by Syaifullah from Kalua, and third place, Muhammad Ridwan from Tanah Bumbu. Furthermore, for the first position in the Princess Female Student category, there was Sakinah Safarina from Banjarbaru city who managed to finish in 49 minutes, then followed by Era who also came from Banjarbaru and third place was Hanida from Amuntai. In the category of the first U-50 Up Master, who gained 50 minutes achieved by Hamdani, a resident of Banjarmasin won the first place in 50 minutes, then in second place by Gunawan, a resident of Banjarmasin and third place, Mahyudian from Tanjung.

After the participants reached the finish line, the event continued with the awarding of the winners were awarded. and also remarks from Uncle Birin and . Not only that, the CEO of PT Arutmin Indonesia, namely Mr. Ido Hutabarat also gave remarks speeches in the on the implementation of the Arutmin 10K event. utut has an investigation Arutmin This 10K is the 8th annual agenda held on the same month with as the birthday of PT Arutmin Indonesia, which is now 37 years old. This activity went smoothly without any obstacles with various kinds of entertainment which included Zumba, Local Musician Appearance, Regional Dance, Percussion Appearance, Marching Band Performance, and Doorprize distribution with grand prize of 5 units of motorbikes with a total of hundreds of millions of rupiah