On July 29, 2018 then, there was a natural disaster in Indonesia, more precisely on the island of Lombok, an earthquake. Recorded in tThe earthquake that was recordedoccurred on the island of Lombok with a strength of 7 magnitude and , it succeeded in destroyed many parts of of ing the island including so that many houses were destroyed and there was also due to a shift in the land plate. The epicenter was in 47 km northeast of the city of Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara with a depth of 24 km which was felt throughout the island of Lombok, the island of Bali to the island of Sumbawa. In data obtained on August 23, 2018, the Ministry of Social Affairs recorded 563 deaths, consisting of 12 victims in the city of Mataram, 45 victims in West Lombok, 471 victims in North Lombok, 2 in Central Lombok, 26 fatalities in East Lombok and 7 fatalities on Sumbawa. Meanwhile, the data on injured victims up to August 23, 2018 reached 1,116 people, the last number of refugees reached 417,529 people and damaged houses around 71,937 people. The earthquakes occurred in the condition of the island of Lombok, which used to be one of the local and foreign tourist destinations, is nowmade anxieties in the city. a tense city.

PT Arutmin Indonesia sent an 8-person Emergency Response Team departed on August 9, 2018 until August 17, 2018. There was an Emergency Response Team (ERT) also assisted by a team of volunteers from ESDM to help victims of natural disasters who lost most his of their residence and areas that awere still lacking in handling. In addition, the ERT team also rescued important assets in the Pemenang Sub-district office, including this is very important to do for the continuation of the sub-district office, where population data and other files are in the office. Not only that, tThe ERT team also provided assistance such as medical assistance in Terengan Daye Hamlet, provided tents assistance to be used as a prayer room or temporary shelter in various types of villages affected by the disaster. As much as possible tThe ERT team that goes to Lombok tried maximally to provides the best service for the victims of natural disasters as well as providing moral support in order to treat the traumatic conditions experienced faced by the victims. And the most important thing is to save the assets of residents who that have almost collapsed and threatened theircan endanger safety, . PT Arutmin Indonesia also provideds assistance in the form of tarpaulins, cooking utensils, and other logistical assistance