Together with Citizens, “Sereh Wangi” Get many benefits

Who is not familiar with fragrant lemongrass, this beneficial plant can be used in various ways both for health aspect and the economy aspect. The background of the development of lemongrass cultivation is to bridge overcome the various obstacles faced by communities around the mine related to land conditions or marginal (infertile land) with the selection of plants with minimal care, can survivelive on infertile land and have high economic value and promising markets. Of course it is expected that by answering this challenge, the community will be eager to develop them so that sustainable business can continue to be developed by the community. Finally, fragrant lemongrass plants are chosen that can answer the challenges or obstacles currently faced by communities around the mine.

Distillers that are built to function are used to separate essential oils with water contained fromin the leaves or flowers of the plant. The equipment, which can distill all leaves or flowers containing essential oils such as. For example eucalyptus leaves, clove leaves, roses, jasmine flowers, and others. At Kintap this time the lemongrass has been developed to produce fragrant plants and fragrant citronella essential oils will be produced. The simple and effective technology used to extract essential oils from plants is by distillation, so that this technology can be used by the community. In addition, this distillation is also a scheme of integrated farming (Integrated Farming System), one of which is zero waste. with dDistillation besides producesing astari essential oil, the remaining leaves of distillation are used for animal feed needs, then animalswhich will produce meat and dirtung. Furthermore, the impurities dung will be reprocessed into fertilizer, and gas processing (biogas) is also produced as a fuel or energy.

Currently, in 4 mining villages, demonstrations a pilot project has been developed by PT Arutmin Indonesiaplots in each village. are made, This aims in addition to the introducetion of fragrant lemongrass to the villagers and they can plants as well as the community can , learn and imitate apply their cultivation methods., Tthen it will be expected that hopefully the community can develop the lemongrass it by themselves. In the beginning PT Arutmin Indonesia assists Then the communities in cultivating, processing including the distiller at Simantap Project, and marketing, In the future, the communities can independently cultivate, process, and market the product.processing of leaves of fragrant lemongrass has been built in the Simantap demonstration plot so that people are easier to process the results, as well as the sale of leaves or products directly accommodated by the company and distributed to collectors. Until the beginning of June 2018, distillation has been is functioning properly, the distilation duration of the refining has been reduced from previously the initial 6 hours now it only takes 4 hours. since the preparation of materials and distillation equipment has been utilized and is running well. So that the community is not constrained in marketing, in the long run the community is also expected to be able to build refineries and marketing independently