Beach Cleaning Coloring the Environmental Awareness Action

Arutmin Kintap mine also held a ceremony to commemorate World Environment Day at the Marina Mekarsari Beach Area, which was attended by management and employees of PT Arutmin Indonesia's Kintap site. Plastic waste is indeed difficult to destroy even though it is possible to reduce its use. Therefore it is necessary to increase awareness of the importance of the behavior of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to address the use of plastic in a sustainable manner. In an effort to control plastic waste, Arutmin Kintap site has been managing and sorting plastic waste, which will then be deposited at the waste bank periodically. This year's environmental day commemoration also held a variety of race events that will aim to build togetherness and environmental awareness, such as Environmental Quiz, Environmental Photos, Environmental Campaign Vlogs and utilization of plastic waste. The action was closed by doing beach cleaning and collecting plastic waste by employees and also the management of PT Arutmin Indonesia.