Beach Cleaning Coloring the Environmental Awareness Action

For the last Tthree years, of blindness in Indonesia hais always been increasing., Aaccording to the data from the Indonesian Ministry of Health in 2017, blindness itself is dominated by cataract sufferers in various parts of Indonesia. PT Arutmin Indonesia contributes cooperated with the local government of Kotabaru, Tanah Bumbu and, also Tanah Laut have a program to eradicate cataracts that plague patients. It is estimated that every year the new number of cataracts will always increase by 0.1% of the total population of Indonesia or approximately 250,000 / year. Arutmin Iinviteding a team of doctors from PT Laroyan Thanks Berkatto the Nusantara which was awarded the 2012 Ophtomolgy Asia Pacific Academy (APAO) in Busan, South Korea. The team of doctors is committed to reducing the number of blindness due to cataracts in Indonesia specifically in South Kalimantan.

The Social Services for Cataract Surgery in 2018 held by PT Arutmin Indonesia was carried out in two places, namely at the Nort Pulau Laut clinic Coal Terminal (NPLCT) for communities around the Senakin, Kotabaru and Batulicin mines. The event at NPLCT was also to commemorate Kotabaru Regency's Anniversary, this and event was held on April 16-17 2018 which was attended by Management of PT Arutmin Indonesia, Regional Secretary of Kotabaru Regency, Head of Office and other city government apparatusofficials. Then the event was continued at the Sungai Cuka Kintap Health Center to attract people around the Asamasam, Kintap and Satui mines. The event was held on April 19-20 2018. Cataract sufferers in Tanah Laut Regency, . Aaccording to Ahmad Yani, Head of the Health Office of Sungai Cuka Health Center, Mr. H. Junaidi said that cataract sufferers in Tanah Laut Regency were quite high and he hoped the social service for cataract surgery could run annualyroutinely every year.