Beware of Recruitment Fraud Using the Name of PT Arutmin Indonesia


With regards to fraud practice under the name of PT Arutmin Indonesia or other specified identity of PT Arutmin Indonesia, we encourage the public to be more careful in all forms of fraud specifically related to false recruitment process.

Several common fraud occurred on the recruitment process are the false recruitment announcement that not match with the original one issued by PT Arutmin Indonesia, and invitation to join the selection test which followed by the obligation to purchase airplane tickets through appointed travel agency.

With regards to the this matters, we hereby stated that PT Arutmin Indonesia has never contact and invite job applicants by requiring an amoun of money in any forms with any reasons.

We would like to urge public to pay more attention in facing the above condition. Shall the condition occurred, please check the recruitment information first to PT Arutmin Indonesia through email or call us on (021)57945678, before acquiring any further actions.