Arutmin Successfully Achieved 6 Platinum Awards in GKPM 2012


PT Arutmin Indonesia successfully achieved six Platinum Awards on Gelar Karya Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (GKPM) Award 2012 which was held at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on 28 September 2012. This annual award held by The Minister of Public Welfare (Kemenko Kesra) is aimed for several purposes such as to publish the information related to the National Program of Community Empowerment (PNPM). GKPM Awards also aimed to encourage the public involvement to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, the Partnership and Environmental Development program (PKBL), as well as to support the acceleration implementation of Indonesia’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) on 2015.

The award certificate was delivered directly by the Secretary of The Minister of Public Welfare, Indroyono Susilo to all the award winners. On that awarding night, Arutmin was represented by Batu Licin Site Manager, Umar Hadi, and several community development superintendents (CD) from all Arutmin’s mine sites and North Pulau Laut Coal Terminal (NPLCT) on Tanjung Pemancingan, Kotabaru, Kal-Sel.

The six awards on GKPM Awards 2012 was successfully won by:

1.  Kintap Mine Site for the Micro Business Empowerment Program through the Independent Business Group (KUM).

2.  Senakin Mine Site for the Microfinance Join Program.

3.  Asam-Asam Mine Site for Sungai Baru Rural Finance Program, (LKD).

4.  Asam-Asam Mine Site for health Services Program for Mom and Kiddy through posyandu and PAUD “Tunas Harapan Permata”.

5.  Batulicin Mine Site for Bulurejo Rural Finance Program (LKD)

6.  North Pulau Laut Coal Terminal (NPLCT) for the Development Program of Koperasi Serba Usaha (KSU) Madani.

Moreover, Arutmin has also successfully held the Gold Award for the Empowerment Program of Household Micro Finance through a Non-Governmental Group (KSM) named KSM Anggrek and KSM Aneka Usaha Mandiri on the area of Batu Licin Mine Site. Another Gold Awards also goes to Senakin Mine Site for Cattle Breeding Program through KUM Berkat Bersama, which is aimed to open broaden local employment opportunity.