Intensifying Productivity and Efficiency

As the big player in coal mining industry either national or international scope, Arutmin Indonesia maintains its commitment to always improve and intensify the work performance from time to time. This commitment is not only aimed to keep Company's good reputation among stakeholders and shareholders, but also to guarantee optimum performance of the existing resources so that all planned targets -production, efficiency, environment targets- to safety matter could be succesfully achieved.


Preserving Environmental Sustainability

All mining operation in Arutmin are going under a good mining practices principals to ensure the least negative effect to the environment by implementing Analysis on Environmental Impacts and Environmental Management System (AMDAL) and Environment Management System. Environment Management System is best designed and developed in order to facilitate the company needs. The implementation of Environment Management System will confirmed a good implementation on reclamation and responsible mine recovery.


Empowering The Community

Arutmin’s implement its firm commitment in Community Development by developing community development program focusing in five main aspects: infrastructure, socio-cultural, health, education, and economy empowerment. Community Deveopment Program in Arutmin is aimed to enhance local community quality of life. Arutmin believe that by strengthen the partnership and cooperation with the government, employees and the local community, will lead us to achieve one of the company goals: a prosperous local ommunities.