PT Arutmin Indonesia is currently operate in five mine locations and one support coal terminal facilities as an important milestone for the success of coal delivery to the customer1.  Senakin Mine2
 The products from Senakin and Satui mines travel between 9 km and 20 km by truck and are stockpiled at one of Arutmin's four barge ports.East Senakin coal is hauled approximately 27 km to Sembilang barge
 Arutmin employs world best Quality Assurance practices throughout the coal production chain. From initial drilling until the coal is loaded on to a customer's vessel, coals are sampled and tested at each
 At Arutmin's mines in Satui, Senakin, Batulicin, Kintap, and Asam-asam, eight different coal products are produced. Such a variety of coal products is a strategic advantage for Arutmin, allowing it to