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Arutmin Kintap Donates Basic Food Assistance to Flood Victims

21 Juni 2020


BANJARMASIN POST.CO.ID, KINTAP - High rainfall intensity has once again flushed South Kalimantan (South Kalimantan), especially in Kintap District, Tanahlaut (Tala).

As a result, one of the villages in Kintap Subdistrict, Kintapura Village, was inundated by flooding as a result of the overflow of the Kintap River on Sunday (6/21/2020).

The flood even submerged hundreds of houses.

Quick response action was carried out by PT Arutmin Indonesia (Arutmin) together with the PPM Kintap Family (KPK) by providing many assistance to emergency public kitchens in the affected locations.

Assistance provided by PT Arutmin Indonesia in the form of food, rice, instant noodles, oil, eggs, sardines and sugar. Dozens of food packages were received directly by Dahnial Kifli as the Secretary of the Land of the Sea and Kintap District, Eko Trianto.

"Our hope with this assistance is that it can slightly alleviate flood victims in Kintapura Village. God willing, going forward we will provide additional assistance again, "said Yudo Prakoso, Superintendent of CDEA Arutmin Kintap

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