PT Arutmin Indonesia's highly diverse workforce comes from many Indonesians ethnic groups and various foreign nationalities.

The mine sites and port are managed by Indonesian nationals with strong operational knowledge; this has developed more than 30 years of experience with world-class standards.

Arutmin's highly experienced workforce, combined with specialist contractors providing flexible services, generates cost-efficient operations.

Arutmin supports employment of local communities. About 40 % of the Indonesian workforce is from South Kalimantan. With the competencies of Senior local employees to manage community issues allows the company to operate in a stable environment.

We are very proud with our strong culture in opennes and close relation among team members, and yet in the same time we emphasize a streamlined and most efficient working culture in the industry

Arutmin's competitive technical and management skills are maintained by constant training and skills development. This takes place through programs both on-site and off-site. As a matter of company policy all employees have the same opportunity to development.